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The Institute for Better Education supports a parent’s right to choose the best education for their child by offering all four of the Arizona state tax-credit scholarship programs.

Dear IBE Partners:

First of all, I would like to express what a sincere pleasure it has been to work with you for all of these years. For some, our relationship goes back 21 years. Amazing!

Nearly one year ago, after lots of prayer, I made the decision to take an early retirement at the conclusion of this fiscal year…June 30, 2017. While I shared this with the IBE Board of Trustees and my staff, I held off making a broad-based announcement. The stability of IBE was paramount and that required securing the right person for me to pass the mantel to. I am so very pleased to share with you that the “right person”is our very own Kim Kirschner. Kim has been with IBE for four years and knows the business inside and out. She has been an office assistant, the Corporate Scholarship Coordinator, and is currently our Business Office Manager. She is well-respected, knowledgeable, and very personable. IBE is fortunate to have her!

But even with the attainment of Kim for this position, I decided to post-pone making this public until a top-notch person could be found to take over management of the Business Office. Once again, it was a matter of prayer. Several people applied yet just a few were selected to be interviewed by Kim and myself. Without hesitation, and whole-heartedly, we both knew that we had found gold in Mrs. Karen Perry. Lucky for us, she was excited to join the IBE team! And what an extraordinary team we have! Three weeks ago Karen joined Kim, Rachel, Amanda,Wendi, Gale, Sara, and me on this wonderful “school choice” journey.

For these reasons, I am now ready to make my retirement announcement public. Over the next few months I will transition out and Kim and Karen will transition in. Though, I must say that they are so fabulous this process is going much more smoothly and seamlessly than I could have imagined. In sharing these sentiments with Karen, she stated that her transition couldn’t be as easy as it is without the excellent training and teamwork of our staff. This does not surprise me at all! What a wonderful group of women to work with. I have been truly blessed!

Please drop Kim and Karen a note of welcome! They will serve you well!

Kindest regards to one and all!


Charlotte E Beecher
Executive Director
Institute for Better Education

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