Thousands of kids are depending on you…


  • Your company will help disadvantaged children move into the schools that best meet their unique needs.
  • Your company will help displaced children who are now, or have been, in Arizona’s foster care program to enroll in the private school best suited to help them.
  • Your company will help children with a variety of learning disabilities succeed to their highest potential.
  • Your company will join with others statewide that want to be part of the solution – and are doing something about it.
  • Your company will give families hope.


  • Your company can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for its donation.
  • Your employees will appreciate having their children’s private school aided by your company.
  • Your company will be listed as a donor who cares on the plaque in our foyer.


  • Your company can recommend a school to benefit from your donation. Local businesses helping local students! Schools will be notified of your generous donation, unless you choose to remain anonymous.

…please consider participating in the
Arizona Corporate Tax Credit Program today!